About Me

I'm Joy. I'm in the process of escaping from university. I like reading blogs and looking at the pretty pictures. I also like writing and taking pictures that I hope turn out alright. Seemed silly not to combine all that into starting my own blog, so I did.

I write about things that I do, places I go and occasionally just how I'm feeling. I'm 20-ish so don't expect anything deep and meaningful, if something sounds very sincere there's a strong possibility of sarcasm.

If you're going to stick around there's a few things you might just have to get used to...

I like dogs. Small, crazy, sausage-shaped ones are the best. Other animal varieties are also acceptable, although cats make me sneeze.

Flowers are easier to photograph than animals, they don't usually try and lick the lenses, so I take lots of pictures of them.

I might talk about The Boy or The Current Mr Harpy (no relation) from time to time, he's the same person. We're very much in love, which is nice. He lives over 200 miles away from where I live, which is nasty. Hopefully, the situation can soon be remedied.

When in doubt, drink tea. When in pain, buy shoes. 

When you find yourself screaming into the void, have a nap. Then drink tea, whilst browsing the internet for shoes.


  1. Very wise words indeed, young lady - I think I'm going to like your blog a lot :) xxx