Tuesday, 2 June 2015

My two favourite colours of the rainbow are gold and leprechaun | #30DaysWild

Day Two! In keeping with yesterday's decision to make this easy on myself and not start with an unsustainable burst of enthusiam that would make me look like a let down by day 16 I did an at home challenge today.

Yesterday (and today, and probably tomorrow...) we had rain, but what comes after the rain? The rainbow! Since I couldn't see one in the sky I set out to find one in the garden, or the colours of the rainbow to be specific.

This involved a lot of pointing at things whilst murmuring about dead kings while the guinea pigs gave me funny looks. 

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. ROYGBIV. Colours of the rainbow, in order. I only learnt that a years ago, why no one taught it me as a child when it was far more essential to know I don't understand.

This is Nicotina, smells delightful and not at all cigarette smokey.
Some varient of Broom, usually it's just yellow but this is quite a fetching two-tone type.
Buttercup, ready for her close up.
There was lots of green, I decided on this mint because it was just so green.
I've no idea what these are, but they're tiny and blue and lovely. Although allegedly blue isn't a natural colour for plants and these just look blue but are in fact purple.
Look, I'm not exactly certain how to differentiate Indigo and Violet- they're both purples, right? Well this is a bluey purple so I figured should go next to blue. Some kind of daisy, maybe?
Some close relation to the Indigo daisy but more vehemently shaded. If you can imagine it, these things are brighter than they seem here, my camera just refused to accept it.
There we go then, one rainbow of flowers and plants found after one exploration of the garden. I'll admit I'm lucky enough to have a pretty well stocked garden on the doorstep (literally!) since my mum is a huge gardening fanatic but I'm equally certain that searching out the colours of the rainbow in a park or on a walk would be more fun because you'd have to explore things more. I just span around in circles and photographed what caught my eye.

(PS I'm really proud of the fact the title is a humourous quote and a pun. I keep my standards realistic when setting out reasons to be smug.)
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  2. Think your unknown blue might be green alkalet.

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