Friday, 25 July 2014

Best of Scotland: Bloggers | #Glasgow2014

As part of my series #Glasgow2014 celebrating what's great about Glasgow and Scotland I will today be bringing you a selection of my favourite Scottish based bloggers and why I love them. If you have any favourites I've left off be sure to leave a comment letting me know! In no particular order...

Gillian at elevatormusik

Based in Edinburgh Gillian ticks all the lifestyle blog boxes: beauty posts, days out, recipes, stunning photography. Her Edinburgh city guide posts always make me wonder why I haven't spent more time there while I've been living up here, and her Cocktail Hour series makes me want to be a proper grownup who knows about cocktails and doesn't just stop at spirit+mixer. Her recent video featuring footage from a family trip to the Scottish highlands makes me want to buy tickets and sit on trains all day.

Ayden has been strugling with blogger's block recently but is getting back into the swing of things. She works in TV as a set designer/Art Director and definitely puts in the hours, but it's great to hear about something I've never had any experiences of. In between jobs she never seems to stop, every other post is about a night out with friends, attending concerts or a new workout regieme. I don't know where she gets the energy. Ayden also has a really fun personal style, think Adventure Time wannabe, with plenty of room for colour and comfort- be still my beating heart!

Now I haven't actually given her an IQ test but I'm pretty sure Hayley is a genius. She's starting university soon and since finishing her exams seems to be trying to read every book ever written. She's read 68 so far this year according to GoodReads and many of them have featured in book review blog posts. Hayley reads everything, classics we've all heard of to SciFi I've never heard of. As well as books there's fashion, days out, beauty, how to's and tips, as well as her lovely Things That Make Me Happy series.

Claire at Bee Waits for No One
So I already said in my What to Wear post that I couldn't have done it without Claire, she tracks down the most amazing Scottish Designers that I then wish I was cool enough to pull off. With bright blue hair, nearly as many tattoos as Ayden and what I think you'd call a goth-chic-grunge look, she's not some one that my mum would pick out as being one of my fashion idols. But Claire- in true Wegie style- wears what she wants and pulls it off, that's something everyone can look up to. Besides, I can't be the only one who gets bored of clicking through blog after blog of Breton stripes and skinny jeans can I? Bee is anything but boring.

Kirsty at A Safe Mooring
Another Edinburgh dweller, Kirsty has had a shit year so far. She's lost a baby, her mum and then her appendix. So saying it was shit might be the biggest understatement of the year, and if she ever sees this I hope she won't be offended by it. She's taken some time away from blogging while all that's going on (she also works as a lawyer, so that probably takes up a none zero amount of time) she is one of the best writers I've come across. Even her shortest posts give me an emotional rise, she has boundless personality that comes through in every comma. Her sarcasm makes me snort and her sorrow makes me sob. Check her out, she's one of those people who bridge the gap of having their shit together enough to impress you while still remaining beautifully human. Oh, and she has a dog who wears knitted hats.
I can't remember if I found Kirsty through Cara or Cara through Kirsty. Whatever. They're both on the far side of that "proper grown up" life scale to me. Husbands, jobs, book club attendees. Cara has just moved to London (boo!) but she's Scottish and blogged for ages in Scotland and attending the Glasgow School of Art and she's one of my very favourite bloggers ever so I'm putting her on this list. When I get married, Cara and her husband Nye will be taking the photographs, every shot on their wedding blog is a little work of art. P&P is her personal blog where she recounts her experiences with IVF, raising twin girls, gardening. The pictures are (obviously) exquisite, she studied photography and fine art at university and it shows. Her personality of just a little too sarcastic is perfectly pitched and there's talk of a book being written, which would be excellent.

Joy xx

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  1. Aww thank you Joy, this is so sweet!

  2. Ayden might have the best hair I've ever seen. I'm having hair envy...