Sunday, 8 June 2014

Summer Update

I'm writing this in tiny room, there's barely space to open the door with how much floor the bed takes up, but it is a tiny room in Marrakech. I'll be spending the next almost three weeks here and trying my hand at travel blogging. I arrived on the continent with the current Mr Harpy about two hours ago, that's after it took us 8 hours (EIGHT!) to get from Liverpool to Gatwick, a journey that should have taken less than half that but was riddled with train delays and chaos. At one point the national rail website said we were running 345 minutes late, which would have made catching the aeroplane we were travelling towards an impossibility.

However, make it we did (and without assualting any of our fellow train travellers despite temptations- seriously, who sits on the phone begging their boyfriend to come and pick up them and their heavily intoxicated girl friend becasue "we're really frightened, there's so many weirdos on the train and it feels like it's full of rapists and we don't want to leave by ourselves" then turns to the weirdos and rapists and ask for a lift?) Though we were tired and sweaty and possibly with too much in our bags my bag. Boy is delightfully smug about his ability to pack little more than spare underwear and a toothbrush, it's not his most attractive quality- especially not when the calorie pixies have struck in the night and made my bag gain a few kilos of heaven only knows what.

We have no real plan, unless see as much as we can while spending as little as we can counts as a plan. But it should be an adventure. Hope so anyway.

Any of you ever been to Morocco, hints and tips appreciated!

Joy x

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  1. I hope you're having a lovely time! x

  2. Those girls on the train sound delightful(!)

    I can definitely recommend a few places- we went in November;

    You HAVE to go to Earth Cafe - it can be tricky to find, but the food is delicious and so vibrant.

    16 Cafe does delicious cakes and tea, for bargain prices

    Loft does amazing fancy French food (although isn't very veggie-friendly)

    Have an amazing time! xxx

  3. Oh wow, how exciting. Wish I was going somewhere lovely and sunny. Hope you have a great time :)