Sunday, 11 May 2014

To do list: Glasgow

The more I think about how little time I potentially have left living in Glasgow the more I realise how many things I haven't done. I've rarely ventured outside of the City Centre/West End area and that's meant a huge amount of sites I've had access to have gone unaccessed. Partly I blame not having a car (or a friend with a car who can be easily convinced to take me on adventures) couple that with the ever rising cost of public transportation and I've been quite the home bird for the past few years. When I go on holiday I like to fit as much in as the laws of space and time allow, but for some reason when I live in a place I don't have that sense of urgency.

So to help fix this I've worked out a list of some of the things I want to do this summer before I move out:
  • ALL the museums. They're free and fun, I should be able to either walk or cycle to all of them and I'll learn something once I get there.
  • Climb Ben Lomond. This is one that's a pain to get to without a car, but I want to do it.
  • Take the train from Glasgow to Fort William. Regularly voted the worlds most scenic rail route, it's three hours of looking out at the highlands of Scotland and I can't live in Scotland without visiting the highlands.
  • Go inside the School of Art.
  • Go up the Clydebank Titan Crane. It's a massive crane on the bank of the River Clyde, you can go up to the top and get great views across Scotland.
  • House for an Art Lover and The Mackintosh House and Queen's Cross Church. If you were to ask me I'd describe myself as a Rennie Mackintosh fan so it's all the more dissapointing I haven't tried harder to visit any of the buildings he designed or that are full of his stuff.
  • Canal capital of Scotland. This is an odd one, and there's a story behind it, which I'll tell you about when I do it.
  • Take a tour of the City Council Chambers
  • Scottish Museum of Rural Life. A working 1950s farm full of rare breeds including Clydesdale horses and Tamworth pigs!
  • See a Sharmanka performance. A Russian puppet show with a difference.
  • Spot a wild Haggis.
  • National Piping Centre.
  • Swim at North Woodside pool. A beautiful Victorian swimming pool, it's been being refurbished most of the time I've lived here but is now open and ready for use! 
  • Scottish Opera. I've loved taking advantage of the £10 tickets for Scottish Ballet and Scottish Opera run the same deal. I've never been to an opera before but for £10 I think I have to try it.
  • The Falls of Clyde.
  • Visit Loch Ness.
So that's my Glaswegian bucket list, I might come back and edit it to add things as I remember them. I'll blog about those I do and I'm also planning on writing up some posts about the places and things I've already been and seen. Hopefully it'll keep me out of mischief until gainful employment can be found.

Do you have any tips for things I have to do before leaving Glasgow? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @JoyHarpy

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