Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Every girl should have a pair shoes that make them feel like a princess. Preferably seven. At least.

Coco Chanel had a signiture scent, I have signiture shoes. Red, high heeled, bow.

If you find your princess shoes buy them in every colour. Except white, white shoes never last and falling in love with them is a guarantee of heartbreak.

If your princess shoes give you blisters, throw them away: like the boy who promises he'll call these shoes are liars.

They want you to feel like a princess only for long enough to get what they want and neither the boys nor the shoes are worth the pain.

Etsy Source.
Bette Midler said Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

Have shoes that remind you, with every step, the world is beneath you.

I don't care if they're Come Hither sky high heels or trainers you've run 200 miles in, anything that's going to last needs solid foundations.

Make your stand let your head rise above the clouds and know your feet are firmly on solid ground.

Find your magic slippers. Your shoes are there to support you, to carry you on to victory, and sometimes that means getting down and dirty. Another reason not to buy white.

My name is Joy, and I am a shoe addict.


  1. Where are those glittery lace-ups from? I love them! x

    1. They're amazing, I got them from Deichmann about three years ago for less than £20, I was half expecting to just leave trails of glitter everywhere I walked and end up with bald shoes, but no! The glitter has held up really well and I always get compliments when I wear them. Unfortunately they're wearing through on the sole so I've been looking out for some new ones, I've spotted these M&S beauties http://www.marksandspencer.com/twiggy-for-mands-collection-leather-lace-up-glitter-shoes/p/p22313025 but £60 seems a bit steep so I might attempt to DIY glitterbomb a pair of boring lace ups.
      Joy xx

  2. I love the red ones, the glittery ones, and your slippers :) I have a very odd relationship with shoes. My feet are too big for regular shoe shop shoes (I'm a wide size 8-9) which means over time I've grown accustomed to not lusting after lovely, dainty shoes because I might as well admire baby booties for all the chance I've got of them fitting me! However, today I found a pair of gladiator sandals which fit me like a dream and I am VERY excited about wearing them all summer. Feeling like a gladiator is a bit like feeling like a princess. Maybe a Game of Thrones princess :p xxx

    1. Eek! 8-9? I get annoyed when things look clunky on my size 7 feet. At least you have a better chance of finding a bargain in the sales? Maybe? There always seems to be lots of large sizes when I'm scouring through. Congrats on finding the gladiator sandals, and gladiators can totally be princesses everyone should have their own interpretation of what that is.
      Joy xx

  3. Love this post! Those sparkly boots are so pretty and I adore those glittery brogues! Also it is so cool that you have a statement shoes, really need to get one myself! :)