Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Chutney Care Package

 Last week my dad was in Glasgow on business, something that rarely happens, and fortunately he had enough free time for us to spend some Daddy and Daughter quality time together (that's a thing, right? It's not just my family that use the expression) I dragged him through some of my favourite rooms in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and he treated me to a more nutritious dinner than I'd have had otherwise. (Student life, so glamourous.) He also hand delivered a care package of my mother's latest culinary obsession, jams and chutneys.

All in all she made him carry 12 jars with an assortment of contents up to Scotland, I don't really know what the logic was in her sending that many. Perhaps she is afraid that after five years of living away from home I still can't properly nourish myself? Which doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, I'm certain if I tried to eat a jar of tomato and onion relish with a teaspoon I'd make myself quite ill. I'm not even convinced it would count towards my five a day. Which is not to say I'm ungrateful, just slightly bemused. The jars that prompted squeals of glee were the three soft set strawberry jams, my mum is allergic to strawberries (poor thing) technically that should have meant more for the rest of us but since Mum was generally the one to do the shopping strawberry anything didn't often make it's way into the house. 

Tomato Relish is one of those things that since my mum started making her own I haven't been able to buy because the stuff from the supermarket just doesn't taste anywhere near as good. My favourite way to eat it is with cheese, they just go so well together. I had some breakfast muffins and decided to do a sort of mini pizza.

Lightly toast your muffins, spread a dollop of relish on them and then add grated cheese. You can at this point put them back under the grill to melt the cheese, but I was feeling impatient and hungry.

One of the great things about it is how versitile of an ingredient chutney can be, I've already had orders that adding a tablespoon of chutney to spag bol or chili gives it a better depth of flavour. There's two special jars that I'm told should be a sort of jerk sauce chutney hybrid but they need at least another fortnight to mature before I'm allowed to try them. Even so, there's no way I can get through a dozen jars by myself so I've been passing them out to friends. You haven't killed anyone yet, Mum!

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  1. This looks so tasty! My mum always makes homemade jam, and since leaving home ten years ago, I still get jars of jams whenever I see her. I love it though - it's so delicious, and she will be making it as favours for our wedding next year!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. Those jams look killer! My gran used to make her own, but no one else inherited that talent! x

  3. My parents are super into making jams but they haven't quite made it onto chutneys though. I thought it was really sweet that your mum sent them up with your dad. I hope he wasn't on a plane, that's heavy!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. So heavy, my dad had a suitcase on wheels, I had to carry the box up three flights of stairs to get back to my flat. Chutney is probably easier than jam, no need to worry about pectin levels and whatnot, but it makes the house reek of vinegar which isn't as nice as jam.