Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Minimising Hoarding with an Anti-Haul

My Hoard

I love buying make up. I love the possibilities it brings. The way red lipstick can make you feel like Marylin Monroe or extra dark super black eyeliner takes you back to being a moody teenager. 

I'm less happy when things don't live up to expectation. When, a fortnight after buying it, the super awesome wish granting moisturiser has just make me break out. Or the mascara that promised to give me eyelashes that could double as wings in a pinch is in fact clumpy, dry, and prone to flaking off and smudging all over my face.

In these situations I am aware, rationally, that the thing to do is chuck them out and move on. But rational and myself have only ever been on nodding terms at best. What tends to happen is I put them back on my shelf, but at the back, and just overlook them when searching for what I really want. I even keep hold of almost-entirely-empty-but-there's-still-a-bit-at-the-bottom-I-might-be-able-to-get-at-one-day foundation bottles. I recognise this is a ridiculous thing to do but can't seem to help myself. 

Light it says, Orange it looks
It is a part of a larger problem, if it was something confined to my make up box I probably wouldn't even notice I did it but I am a serial make do and mender, forever telling myself it will come in useful for something eventually, and refusing to entertain the possibility that my money could have been better spent elsewhere. I have drawers full of bits and bobs, a wardrobe stuffed with clothes I don't wear and shelves creaking under the weight of books I'll either never read or never read again. 

Eventually though you have to say enough is enough. Today is that day and I am making a start on letting go or the things I never use with my anti-haul.

Bourjois mascara for £1? Sound too good to be true? You'd be right.
I have gone through my make up boxes and scanned my shelves to pick out the unquestionably worst offenders. Some of them were bought for specific things and haven't been used since (Primark glitter palette, perfect for Hallowe'en, not so much the rest of the year) and some of them were just bad buys. Not pictured are the shameful amounts of old packaging I have no explanation for, plastic wrap and empty cardboard boxes that had no reason for not being thrown away as soon as I got the stuff home.

Even after I'd gone though my things, laid these out and admitted that I don't use or like these things (the V05 hair spray has a broken pump for heaven's sake!) after I'd taken the photos I still didn't want to throw them away and still umm-ed and ahh-ed over it. Once I took the plunge and did throw it all away I ended up going back and getting the things I'd considered throwing out the first time but didn't. 

It is therapeutic, letting go, I'm going to try and do it more. Do you ever perform anti-hauls? Do you need to start? Let me know in the comments if you hoard things well past their best-before dates or if you're good at letting go (then tell me your secrets!)