Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2014: Plans and Resolutions

I'm not one for make promises to myself, they're too easy to break. So forget diets, regular gym attendance or whatever other lies are most commonly spouted. Assume I wish I was doing them all and assume that wish will be on going for many years to come with no hard efforts made towards them. There are some things I'd like to get done between now and next January, but if I don't then ce la vie.
Alternatively, never start.Source

Read more books
Last year I achieved my GoodReads Challenge of reading 52 books in 2013, I've set myself the same challenge for this year. One book a week seems utterly achievable but given the upcoming final exams I have I might have to review my usual guideline of not counting books I read for University. Last year I mostly just used GoodReads account as an easy way to keep track of and list books I'd read, I might try this year to actually write up a few reviews (especially if they can then double up as blog posts...) I'd like to try read some more non-fiction for pleasure as well, escapism is all well and good but learning things should be fun too.

Buy fewer books
This might seem to contradict the previous entry, but it's totally connected! I own so many books that I've never read, I've bought them with the best of intentions or because they're 50p in a charity shop and catch my fancy and then I get home and I usually read one but by the time I finish it I'll have bought another book and it's newer, so I want to read that one. This year that will change! I am determined that at least every other book I read will be from off my shelf. The fact that I got a eBook reader for my birthday last year means I can easily download millions of free classic books as well, so I shouldn't really want for reading material. And libraries, libraries are fantastic places (although as a student they do currently feel oppressively like why-do-you-never-have-enough-seats-and-only-one-copy-of-this-particular-book-if-it's-listed-as-essential-reading-on-seventeen-different-courses-land)

Sew a dress
I have owned a sewing machine for about six months now, and aside from a few bits of nothing that I used to see if it worked and a really awful Christmas decoration that I "created" I haven't really used it. I started following some sewing blogs to get myself in the spirit of it and I really enjoy reading them but I've been sat on the sidelines long enough. Although I'm not vain enough to think I'll be able to whip up something magical in an aftertnoon like some of the lovely ladies (Dolly Clackett and Cassie Stephens are two of my favourites) I'm trying to be inspired rather than intimidated by them. I've never followed a sewing pattern before so I'll probably start with something smaller than a dress but I would love to have a homemade (perfectly fitting) outfit for next Christmas day, which gives me almost the entire year to procrastinate and still get it done.

Get braver with my photography
Cameras are something that have always been around in my life, my dad was a cruise ship photographer and then an investigative photojournalist before getting married and settling down so I got a good grounding in taking pictures from him. The problem now is I need to make myself take more pictures and try new things, not just record events-create something beautiful. I'd like to develop my own style and I'd like to attempt new things. More street photography, not just landscapes and still life. Start posting to my tumblr again.

Graduate from University
I seriously cannot wait for this one, I am just so impatient for a change. I don't even know what I want to be doing but I want it to be different, I feel like I've just stagnated at uni. I've realised just how much I'd despise going into academia- which at school was something I sort of fancied (yes, I was a weird teenager, get over it)- and once I had that revelation I just wanted to get out. I didn't because it seemed stupid to already be in so much debt and have nothing to show for it but I am counting down the days. I do worry that once I've been gone six months I'll be longing to be back, but for now it cannot come soon enough.

I will miss this view though.

Get a job!
This is probably the main one. I don't know what and to an extent I don't care, I can be picky later about career fulfillment, I want a paycheck and a savings account so that I can afford to live independently for a few years and then go skipping off with a rucksack and a passport to explore the globe with Boy. There are so many stories about lack of graduate opportunities and sky-high unemployment rates though that I'm just going to be grabbing whatever I can get in the short term so I can afford to navel gaze and ponder what I want to do.

Phew. At some point I might try and get around to developing the skill of being succinct.

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  1. I'm wishing you all the luck with your goals for this year, they all sound wonderful! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. Best of luck with all your goals. I don't set anything in stone myself but every year I'll just think to myself 'become braver, try new things and don't worry'. It is hard when you leave university to get a job, well I found it difficult but I studied a course that was perhaps too broad. I'm going back into education soon to hopefully improve my chances of a job in design! So I perhaps that's another goal of mine ha. I like of idea of donning a rucksack and just setting out there in the world, that'll be incredible.

  3. Also thank you for your comment on my most recent post, glad you liked the painting!