Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Packing Problems!

I just love the sounds of alliteration in the afternoon, don't you?

I'm going home tomorrow, back to Liverpool and family and pets and all the rest. I'll be gone for some time, I'm planning on staying at home for Christmas and then spending some time with my boyfriend before next semester starts (side note: arghhh! Final semester of university, oh god can it really be so close to over already? Aren't I meant to have a clue about a career path by now?) So all in all I think I'm going to be gone for about a month.

Four weeks is a long time, especially when I don't know what I'll be up to, how many parties or nights out I'll be going on, what the ever changing weather will be doing, what sort of clothes I left behind last time I was home. I don't want to look like that crazy person either, the one with too much stuff who in the end just lives in PJs and hoodies. So I'm trying to limit what I take but it's so hard!

For the most part though I'm just trying to remember to pack things I'll regret forgetting. (I am that person who goes on holiday without her camera charger or puts her laptop in it's bag and leaves it somewhere really obvious so she can't walk out without it, but does anyway.)

It's an affliction I'm telling you.

I like the idea of capsule wardrobes and minimalist holiday packing but I'm not very good at living up to them. Also, I'll still have to do uni work while I'm there, which means taking books home and books take up space that could otherwise be occupied by shoes. Is it acceptable then to take a bigger suitcase? And it's winter and wintery things are bulkier than summery things, one wooly jumper takes up the same amount of space as like sixteen dresses. And I don't want to wear the same jumper the whole time, do I?

And, if I take a variety of party dresses for possible multiple parties, should I take the plain (dare I say, boring) shoes that go with everything but I'll get sick of, or a variety of shoes that will garner Oooos and Ahhhs? And I'll need day shoes as well, obviously I'll take my winter boots, but what about other flat shoes? Will it be too cold for ballet pumps, do I care so long as they go with my outfit?

Coats! Heavy coat? Waterproof? Coat with hood? Smart coat? I have a vast selection of coats here to accommodate all types of weather and dress code, but I can't pack all of them.

Mostly, this is just procrastination, I'm talking about how hard packing is rather than getting on with it. So I should stop.

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  1. Good luck with your packing. I hope it is going well. I can totally relate. I find packing so hard also! Enjoy your time back at home.