Sunday, 22 September 2013

Commitment Issues

So I read blogs most days, probably everyday that I'm online I'll find myself clicking onto blogger and seeing what new posts have gone up. I'm a terrible participant in the blogging online community though, I hardly ever comment or respond, I don't interact with issues, I'm very much a long term 'lurker' (that's still what the cool kids say, right?) I don't retweet, or tweet at all really, videos go un-liked and questions are left un-responded to. 

I think it's a case of since I'm sitting alone, in my room with my laptop I don't feel like I'm required to do anything, I read/listen/watch/etc what I came for, maybe a click a few more links, maybe I subscribe and then I leave and go off somewhere else. I get that is rude, I know I wouldn't walk into a restaurant and act like a panda (convoluted literary jokes FTW) but the internet makes it so easy. I don't use my online anonymity as an excuse to be aggressive, bullying, belittling or behave illegally but I do treat it as an excuse to forget my manners.

I also get annoyed with the people who write my favourite blogs when they haven't posted in a few weeks, days, hours, oh-my-god-just-tell-me-where-you-live-already (restraining order, what restraining order?I mean really, how hard can it be to just log on and type up a couple of paragraphs about whatever you've been up to, through in a couple of vaguely related pictures to break up the wall of text and publish it? The pictures don't even have to be original, copy+paste from your instagram feed or just grab something pretty off Pinterest.

Taking my own advice.
But then, I started my own blog and I've posted like 15 times or something stupid in the past six months. 

Bad Joy! *slaps self on wrist* *remembers violence is never the answer* Let's just hug it out and agree to try harder?

Anyway, I'm back in Glasgow now, I have university and dissertations and late night drinking sessions and walks home because I accidently spent the taxi fare on shots on sambuca and so many books that should have read by now and so little time until graduation and oh god what am I going to do next?

If that sounded like the beginnings of a mental break down, it wasn't (the breakdown has been well underway for some time) but who knows what will happen next! So hopefully I'll do this more and hopefully I'll have more interesting things to write about next time.

I'm also going to try and put myself out there more, leave comments and respond to questions. Socialise is, I think, the word.