Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Lazy lifetimes slip away.

So I'm a student and at the minute there is no uni, it comes back in a few weeks and next summer I graduate which means this summer is possible my last summer holiday that will last long enough for me to wish it could hurry up a bit.

How am I spending it then, you cry? Watching TV, a lot of television and films and books and occasionally leaving the house but I'm on a strict budget of zero and that interferes somewhat with what can be achieved. This isn't entirely voluntary, when I was away on my epic trek round Greece and Turkey I hurt my hip, nothing to serious, but it needs rest and walking more than about two miles or cycling more than five or standing up for too long becomes quite painful.

C'est la vie.

I've been trying to think about the future in a kind of "Oh christ I graduate soon what am I going to do" sort of way. It hasn't gone well, I get all confused and stressed and have to go away and read or cuddle puppies for an hour to regain some equilibrium.

So on the future front, I've given up. I have never had that knack some people do of knowing where I want to be past a couple of years anyway, I don't have a defined life goal or career objective, I know that if I knew what I wanted to do then I could just work on getting there but I don't so I can't. Instead I'm just trying to focus on the present, what do I want to be doing right now, pick an activity goal for the week and work towards that. This blog is one of those sort of goals, I want to write more and I want to write things people actually read so I'm starting small, I'm putting it on the internet in a quiet personal sort of way and just seeing what happens.

I've been out on the bike a fair bit, getting fresh air and exercise and hoping I'll keep it up. I've been making things, dying silk scarves in the hopes of making some money off them, so far though I've only made a few and I haven't got around to doing anything but looking at them and thinking "They're quite pretty, someone would probably think they were worth something" but I haven't taken photographs to advertise them with or anything yet.

Blergh. Here's to progress, let's hope we make some.

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