Sunday, 14 July 2013

So... Writing about things

I've done a first blog, an introductory one and I've written a few "Argh! What do I put here, have a sentence and another one and oh god can we all agree that this is a real topic? Yes? Good."

I like the idea of blogging, I read lots of them and quite often they aren't about anything as such just the musings of women with internet access and a need for creative outlet or something. There seems to be a lot of quarter life crises going round as well.

Oh! And weddings, why do weddings prompt such a massive outpouring of previously undiscovered blogger talent? Is it because when you've spent so long obsessing over a certain day that ultimately comes down to you standing around and declaring your undying love for someone, bearing your soul in the open to a room full of close friends and people you barely know, suddenly the idea of sharing things with anonymous strangers on the internet seems less of a big deal?

There are lots of people who seem to start them because they know other people who blog, either through their blog or in real life. I don't any of the people who's blogs I follow, nor do I think I know anyone who blogs. I don't even know what I want to do with this.

Should I do outfit posts and talk about beauty tips? No, I can't see that happening, I my idea of a make up tip is "if you sharpen your eyeliner, you can get a finer line" and "Make sure you rub your foundation in properly so you don't have a tide mark around your hairline." Pro tips there, I imagine they'll be in all the magazines next month while I do a cover shoot for Vogue.

I'm not getting married anytime soon and I don't have a baby, so that's two major sources of "stuff to write about that people care about" crossed off.

I do like to read, I could do book reviews, but generally I think they'd turn into "Yeah, good book that, if you like detective mysteries give it a go" after a while.

So why limit myself? I can post posts about whatever I like and probably will. If I pair a particularly fetching coat with some expertly applied eyeliner you might get to see it, if I can think of something witty to say about a gripping book I'll probably say it. I might even bake a cake.

For at least the foreseeable future though this blog will probably mostly consist of pictures of my mother's adorable dogs and, while it lasts, the glory of the British summertime.

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