Saturday, 8 June 2013

I'm not very good at this am I?

[EDIT: I've posted this today but I actually wrote it over a week ago, not sure why it didn't go live, maybe if I'd checked my blog I'd have noticed earlier]

So today marks a full week of being out in Greece, I had meant to blog more but it didn't happen. Oops. Oh well, I do have another few weeks to try and do better.

Leaving Liverpool was not easy, my dad (who is stuck at home looking after the four dogs, two cats and two guinea pigs by himself) was a bit on edge at our leaving which put my and Mum a bit on edge for leaving. We had to get from Liverpool to Manchester airport, which is easy enough because trains run from Liverpool Lime Street Train Station directly to the airport every half hour or so. But before we got on the train we had to get some Euros (okay, so maybe we were being a bit last minute only changing our money then but the post office we thought had a bureau de change didn't) which involved getting to the station and my mum running across the road in town to do it there.

This led to me waiting in the train station with my dad for about ten minutes. It was not a calming way to leave. I nipped outside at one point to see if I could see my mother coming back, it was purely an excuse to get away from him stressing out. Once mum got back though we ran down the platform, got on our train and were off!

Be warned, if you get the train to Manchester airport and your flight leaves from Terminal 2 it's a long walk.

We checked in and made our way to the boarding gate, despite a few confused announcements as to whether the next flight to leave was going to Heraklion or Doha when we got on the plane we were assured this was the right plane.

When we got off the plane it was hot. It was dark and hot; and mixed in with the smells of jet fuel and people who'd been stuck in a metal tube together for a few hours was jasmine.

Waking up that first morning to the heat, the smells, the blue sky and the satisfaction of being there was fantastic. The adventure had begun.