Friday, 17 May 2013

Planning afoot!

Well it’s now under a week until I fly off to Crete with my mother in tow. Today was spent finalising my decisions about how I want to spend those first two weeks and picking out accommodation. It takes a surprising amount of mental energy to plan that kind of thing out, especially when you’re thinking about places you’ve never been and a climate that differs somewhat to the one you’re currently in. I’ve had to try and guess at when I’ll want days off, assume that places are as interesting as I’ve hoped, pray that they aren’t more interesting and I don’t end up wanting to spend more time there than I’ve allowed for. As it stands I have the first fortnight planned and hostels booked.

The last twenty days, the ones I’m planning to spend in Turkey, are still only ideas. As helpful as the internet is, it’s still not perfect, which is surprising and frustrating. Fifty years ago this kind of a trip would either have been much more expensive because I’d have needed to pay a travel agent vast sums of money to use their many contacts and years on the job to book accommodation and transport in advance; or much more of a jump into the unknown, take a chance and blind adventure style of thing. I’m not sure I’d have been brave enough to do that, I’ve been able to read reviews of how the breakfasts are in hostels that were written last week and decide where to stay based on that. 

The other thing consuming all my time, is thoughts of packing. I’ve got the clothes pretty much sorted I think, but the shoes! Good lord, choosing shoes hasn’t been nearly as fun as it would usually be. I’ve been trying to be eminently sensible about it all, picking comfortable flats and allowing for the fact the heat will probably make my feet swell up a size. Sensible is tedious. Also, my feet are a size 6.5/7 to start with, I don’t own any footwear you could classify as dainty yet I’m going to be partnering these shoes with floaty dresses and wide brimmed sunhats. The chunky soles and wide straps necessitated by the heat seem utterly incongruous. 

Oh well, they’re bought now. 

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