Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hello there!

First a note of explanation: I’m a Classics student which means I spend a thoroughly disproportionate amount of time thinking about fairy tales and life two and half thousand years ago. The title of my blog comes from a short ditty I penned about a year ago, one that goes something like this:

Hungry, hungry Harpies,
Hungry, hungry Harpies,
They're stealing food right out your mouth,
They're torturing the dead souls,
They're hungry, hungry Harpies.

Hungry, hungry Harpies,
Sexy, sexy Sirens,
Hungry Harpies, sexy Sirens,
Battle to the death!

I have a soft spot for harpies, the Greeks essentially came up with a mythology for evil seagulls stealing their picnics (hence the hunger). Also my boyfriend calls me his little Harpy. I choose to believe this affectionate nickname is in reference to the original harpies who were beautiful, winged women with lovely hair; not the ugly, malformed creatures they became later on. Please no one try to take this delusion away from me.

So… Ancient Times.

I’ve been a history geek for as long as I can remember, it seemed to have more day to day applications than Maths and my parents didn’t do much to discourage the obsession.

When I was twelve I started taking Latin in school, I was awful at the actual learning of any language (as I’m sure my many long-suffering French teachers could testify) but Latin was exciting in a way French wasn’t. It was a dead language but one that we still use. And it was filled with history; our textbooks didn’t follow a fictional family around while they did things the editors had decided were ‘cool’ and ‘relatable’ like in French. They bought slaves from the market, escaped pyroclastic flows and went to war against wild Celtic women.

In a few weeks I’m going to be twenty two and just before that birthday I’m flying out to Greece where I will, for the first time, visit lots of the sites that I’ve spent the best part of a decade reading and dreaming about. I’m very excited.

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